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Excellent New Take

Man, I havent written a review in forever, and I also havent laughed like this at a flash in a while. Nice!

Battosai810 responds:

glad i could inspire you to do both!
thanks for the review :)

This guy is up and coming.

Living proof to the testimonial of:
"so what you can tween sprites, but can you make a REAL animation? blah blah blah"
This was brilliantly executed and fun to watch. Love the loader!

*tear* So proud of you

Great job bro!

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Contains one of my biggest pet peeves flash.

Why is it everytime i play a flash game with jumping, the character will repeately jump when you hold down the jump button. It makes the game so much easier to play if you only jump once if the button is held down, like on console games. I see very few game makers solve this problem. I would enjoy this game more if you could fix this one glitch. Other then that the games is ace.

The-Mercenary responds:

Hmmmm...If I find a way I'll fix it, this might also fix the not being able to double jump glitch everyone's been talking about. Check back on this game in a few weeks.


Isnt that Lenin not Saddam?


You get a decent score from me cause you used the great word "hump". Here's some pointers.
You seem to have the hardest part down, creating transparent sprites, alot of people have trouble with that so I'll move on...
1. To get rid of the blurry-ness of the sprites, go into your flash library, select a sprite, right click on it, select properties, and then uncheck the "smoothing" option.
2. Learn to do movie clips for animation.
3. Add sound. You can find all kinds of sound effects on the net, and some emulators let you rip sounds into wav files.
4. Redo the ending and show us the humping scene and the kids, like violet said above me.
Hope this helps :D

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