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R.I.P Randy Solem

2012-03-21 01:28:46 by Randy-Solem

R.I.P Randy Solem 1975-2012





Randy's family is accepting donations for his 18 month old daughter. If you can, please Paypal some money to RielleSolemTrustFund@Yahoo.com and it will go into a fund to pay for her education.

Thanks for all your support.

-The VGDC Team, Friends, and Family

Any questions;
*DanRielle - Randy's girlfriend and daughter's mother*
*SouthJersey - Randy's nephew*

R.I.P Randy Solem


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2012-03-21 02:03:02

sad so sad


2012-03-21 02:39:52

Are you his cousin? Or how'd you get here? XD Anyways, he was a great inspiration for me like many others, I was really shocked to hear the news


2012-03-21 07:40:16

Randy's loss is one I'm going to be thinking about for a long time...


2012-03-21 07:47:58

I never liked his stuff.

May he rest in peace.


2012-03-21 08:31:18

I honestly don't know why he turned his back on all his work. No matter what people think about your flashes, you need to always stay proud of them. Sure, people parodied the hell out fo "Skittlez and Bitz" But everyone knows the internet is full of trolls, some of which are animators and artists.


2012-03-21 12:06:14

He still loved animating, just between working a lot more and then starting a family, he didn't have the time for it. He was planning a comeback though :(


2012-03-21 12:07:31

I really thank who ever on Randy's account accepted my co-author request for my VGDC yoshi's fuzzies movie. I am very honored, and my deepest love goes out to his family. Alias I am currently a poor student so I will not be able to donate any money at this time, but surely if I ever go own to do big things, Randy's family will always be remembered~


2012-03-21 15:05:30



2012-03-21 15:28:20

truly an epic man and a big reason why i animate r.i.p


2012-03-21 15:39:37



2012-03-21 17:26:19

No one seems to have posted how he died, so I assume it was something dumb like getting hit by a truck while stumbling home drunk.


2012-03-21 18:14:13

The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom was one of those flashes that will remain in the hearts of the people of Newgrounds, forever.

Just as the memory of Randy Solem will forever be engraved in our hearts as well...

May he Rest In Peace.

(And fightermarth, aren't you thinking of MajinPiccolo with "Skittlez and Bitz"?)


2012-03-21 18:22:28

Newgrounds has lost a legend. :-(


2012-03-21 18:24:42

It really sucks that he's gone considering that he was about to make a comeback.


2012-03-21 19:06:10

I haven't come on Newgrounds in ages. I just happened to log in today as a fluke, but I can't believe I logged in to hear about this tragedy... This man was essentially my childhood. I can't count how many times I've watched his movies, and there was a solid year in my life when i checked VGDC every day hoping there'd be a new video waiting. He was truly a legend and I'm terribly sorry for your loss. His work will always be a part of me.


2012-03-21 19:18:56

... :C
Agree with JohnBro&KingDavid

Once I'm not a broke-ass college student, expect a good donation. Randy was a legend and an inspiration to me especially. When I trace back to why I'm currently learning Art/Animation in college, it's because of Randy.

I'm sorry to the Solem family for your loss. Rest in peace Randy~


2012-03-21 19:43:55

Enactjudo - He died from heart failure.


2012-03-21 21:22:24

What kind of heart failure? Genetic or drug abuse?


2012-03-21 22:04:21

Genetic. All I know is he always had blood pressure issues, I'm only his nephew, I wouldn't know the specifics of his health beyond that.


2012-03-22 02:16:19

I saw a lot of his work as a kid and was blown away. Rest in peace.


2012-03-22 02:16:22

I saw a lot of his work as a kid and was blown away. Rest in peace.


2012-03-22 09:02:05

Very sadness...


2012-03-22 09:24:49

My name is Danielle and Im Randy's girlfriend. Reading everything that everyone has posted really touches my heart. He was a wonderful man and devoted father to our daughter Rielle and was a GREAT stepfather to my son, Dylan. He had so much talent and it helps us all to know what he did for all of you. His legend will forever live on. Thank you all for all the kind words. Knowing he was such an inspiration brings joy to our lives and Im sure that will carry on forever thru his daughters eyes


2012-03-22 10:41:25



2012-03-22 10:44:51

Im sorry that you dont believe it but I am. South Jersey can tell you.


2012-03-22 12:03:31

LAXfresh349 - That actually IS Randy's girlfriend and mother of his daughter... Check the description


2012-03-22 15:08:02

From Rans Dad Thank You for all your kind words and support.He truly was an inspiration to us also and such a loss! He'd say So if they ask you when I'm gone.Was it everything he ever wanted?When he had to travel on.Did he know he'd be missed?You can tell them this.Hell Yeah! He did.He walked the line. Never had to crawl.He cried a bit. But not for long. Hell Yeah!He found the life he was after. Filled it up with Love and Laughter.Finally got it right and made it Fit. Hell Yeah! He Did! And now he"s earned an early Birthday to Eternity and will continue to inspire us.


2012-03-22 17:29:05

WHOOPS Sorry DanRielle.

Sorry SouthJersey.


2012-03-22 19:01:14

Just heard about this. I am highly upset about it. I don't know why, I never chatted with him, but I feel like crying. Not that I'm heartless, and don't get upset about deaths, but I feel different about this one for some reason.

Anyway, RIP Randy.

When I'm able, I'll see about donating.


2012-03-22 20:10:20

What an adorable kid. I feel heart crushed to know she'll have to go without Randy, who was one of the biggest hotshots here in Newgrounds.


2012-03-22 20:33:30

A true legend has parted ways with us. I can't even begin to describe the impact his movies had on me. Goodnight sweet prince.


2012-03-22 20:59:55

Shit and he had a daughter.

Poor girl. I wish her and the family the best of luck, for-real.


2012-03-22 22:59:09

My condolences for the loss.

It is going to be hard for the world to live without the great mind of Randy. But I know it is going to be even harder for the family. I hope all of those close to him find the strength to make it through this difficult time. My thoughts go out to all his friends and family.

Rest in peace.


2012-03-23 11:53:51

Of all the people I was expecting to die, Randy Solem wasn't one of them.


2012-03-23 16:33:34

Tnx to Randy i became an animator. I am in collage and i wanted to meet him one day... Randy.. my greatest inspiration have the most happy after life ever!!


2012-03-23 16:59:38

RIP, Randy Solem. I remember seeing your videos as a kid, and I loved them and watched them all the time. So sad to see you go...


2012-03-24 09:03:35

mario vs sonic, are my most inspiration for randy solem when i was a kid :,( i wil miss you randy and everyone miss you


2012-03-25 01:54:24

its always sad to look a loved one. Randy you will continue to inspire us with your Animations. God Bless the family and the child. my prayers go out to you Randy Solem and DanRielle and SouthJersey and Norsesmenmc13.


2012-03-25 14:34:39

Oi, we will miss Randy. I wish the best for the family.


2012-03-26 23:43:48

Wow, I can't believe he's gone. I loved watching his flash movies, they always gave me something to laugh at back in the day. R.I.P. Randy, my condolences go out to your family and friends, you were an inspiration to me and many others.


2012-03-27 21:20:25

I joined this community because of you.

Thank you for your awesome creations , entertainment and inspiration. You will always be my favorite artist on Newgrounds..

I will miss you, Randy Solem.


2012-03-27 22:56:30

Sprite movies is all I watched when I first joined newgrounds and one of those was yours. Rest in peace I'll always remember the first time I saw rise of the mushroom kingdom.


2012-03-27 22:56:31

Sprite movies is all I watched when I first joined newgrounds and one of those was yours. Rest in peace I'll always remember the first time I saw rise of the mushroom kingdom.


2012-03-28 03:57:27

Is this for real? first this guy and now eddworld.

Is there somewhere written that good flash creators die?

Hopefully not Alvin-Earthworm.


2012-03-28 05:49:34

R.I.P. man. God, 36 is just way, way too young.


2012-03-28 07:20:58

Although I never liked his stuff, I still pay my respects.
Death is a terrible thing and to be taken at such a young age...
Poor eddsworld suffered the same fate.
Died before he even had a chance to live his life to the fullest.


2012-03-28 12:03:30

Rest in Peace..


2012-03-28 22:37:13

The loss of two great animators and people within the same month...

R.I.P, I hope your family and friends can re cooperate from such a dramatic loss :'(


2012-03-30 19:09:00

R.I.P man, I remember seeing your flash 2 or 3 years ago when I was still into Mario and such. It really sucks that you died, my day is ruined.


2012-03-30 23:35:57

R.I.P. to the one who made an epic sprite flash series!