Celebrating 10 + years of VGDC.

2011-05-27 21:34:20 by Randy-Solem

Don't want to download amazing free software to get access to classic Pixel Parodies? No problem, VGDC became 10 last year and in a late celebration of this achievement we are counting down all the greatest VG flash at the VGDC Forums. With over 50+ Movies by VGDC and a collection OF HUNDREDS of VGDC inspired movies made by our Staff, Forum Communtiy, and the fans like you.

So stay tuned as we reel through over a DECADES Collection of Pixel Parodies, with many more being added every day.

Create an account today and relive the pixeled past with VGDC.


Thanks for all your support over these years!


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2011-05-27 21:42:58

It's been a long time. How have you been?


2011-05-27 22:55:42

So you've spent the last ten years tweening around sprites that originated from Japan combined with fart jokes.

You must have regretted every moment.


2011-05-27 23:54:07



2011-05-28 00:48:19

This one time Sonic ran into a fan and died and I have been laughing every second.


2011-05-28 00:55:04

It's been a LONNNNNNG time since anyone has heard a peep out of you. How has everything been for ya?


2011-05-28 06:01:17

Holy crap... I saw the letters VGDC and instantly, nostalgia hit me. I was a wee lad when I first saw your Super Mario World flash; and that was the first movie I saw on NG. Thanks for the little nostalgia trip. :D


2011-05-28 06:47:32

fuck you're old


2011-05-28 06:55:35

Oh my! It's Randy Solem!
I'm a big fan of yours.
You and Rob Foor are the reasons why I started Flash in the first place.
I hope, you can go back to your roots and do animations again.
Ah, the sick jokes, the farting, the violence! The good 'ole days. I really love your works.
Any hints for future animations or did you give up on them?

~Your fan since "Mario finds Bad Plumbing"


2011-05-28 08:58:50

10 years, still the same design as well as no news since 2 years and popups all over the site? Celebrating?


2011-05-28 09:01:21

Wow is nice to hear something from you, it REALLY brings back alot of memories, your flash aprodies were the first animation I saw and to this date many of them are still on my top List. Thanks for introducing me into this unique way of entertainment and the good laughs.

Always will be your fan, looking foward to any project you deliver.


2011-05-28 11:58:14

What is VGDC?


2011-05-28 13:20:51

Mario is dead.


2011-05-28 15:02:09

who cares


2011-05-28 15:19:58

You know.. Seven years ago you promised to release sound packs you used. WHERE ARE THEY! I watched Mario vs Sonic again today. Man that was the shit. Razoric.com forums... ah the memories. You disappeared... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. :*(


2011-05-28 16:20:08

Randy, it's nice to see you back here, and it would be nice if you made something new. By the way, have you seen Aap's sprite flash "Turd-Eating Cat" by any chance?


2011-05-28 17:09:33

You introduced me to the bad side of the internet, your flash being put on funnypart led me to discovering newgrounds, hentai, yiff, youtube, goatse, and everything else terrible about the world wide web.


2011-05-28 19:05:47

Man, I saw VGDC and I was instantly reminded of Rise of MK. Then I went to your site and saw it was still filled with more Trojans than Paris Hilton on a Saturday night. THEN I remembered why I stopped paying attention.


2011-06-05 23:18:45

finally about time u post something it's been like 3 year i thought u weren't coming back for good anyway i've been a big fan ever since the rise of mk and what happen to ur mario gets lucky again is that ever going out just curious


2011-06-17 08:22:04

Sprite animation is dead. The funeral was in 2007 sometime.


2011-06-18 12:35:18

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2011-06-19 11:36:05

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2011-06-19 11:47:50

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2011-08-08 08:36:12

you know I have been a big time fan of yours since I joined NG back in 2000, hopefully we will see more or your work, Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom was well done


2011-09-11 00:31:52

Hi Randy, Videogamedc.org is showing a domain placeholder page instead of the forums. Could you please look into this?



2011-09-17 21:15:48

It's great to see you back after all these years. Is signing up on your website safe?


2011-11-08 16:52:36

Hey Rando, long time fan (for 10 years, NG fan for 11 years), I thought I'd finally join Newgrounds for this, I remember being a member of the forums back in 2004, I have been known as "TheBoogieMan", "All Hail The New Flesh" and now I am TheyCallMeTheSwede. It seems like the .org site no longer exist which is sad because I want to go back to the VGDC forums just to check out everyone is still there. Oh well, times has changed, I had never gone back for like 4 years. I wish you well my good friend. There is something that many NG members never done, is a proper send off, do you ever thought of doing one? just curious.

BTW, is Mario ever going to get lucky again?