2007-09-28 15:54:36 by Randy-Solem

I'm sure you all can remember the first time you got a particular system. One of my greatest (and funniest) memories was getting my first GameBoy.
Read all about it HERE.



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2007-09-28 16:03:30

mine was a nintendo, i played mario all the time


2007-09-28 16:38:31

My first was the N64 & Gameboy colour.

Wii is better though


2007-09-28 18:07:19

my first was a mega drive, it rocked.


2007-09-28 20:36:08

first game was pokemon blue that took my life for 2 years


2007-09-30 18:47:09

My first system was a Super Nintendo and Super Mario World came with it! I indeed played that for hours.


2007-10-01 08:56:02

my very first system was the very fiest nintendo they came out with my fav game tetris took my life for a while


2007-10-09 17:16:59

mine was a nintendo


2007-10-11 20:58:58

r u really 72 years old?


2007-10-12 13:43:17

my first system was... oh wait, You suck randy solem.


2007-10-14 06:42:33

a '1000-in-1' thing and NES ofcourse =]


2007-10-14 17:01:07

memories get the best of all of us... if you'll excuse me I should go play a childhood favorite, Super Mario 64


2007-10-17 20:13:35

Gameboy? Whats that? Just kidding, I used to have one with the whole pack, and stuff, I miss Mario Land. :(


2007-10-21 06:05:47

Teach me the ways...


2007-10-27 02:50:13

Cool story! i remember getting a gameboy pocket, a red one. I got donkey kong. It was 4 original arcade levels followed with a bunch of worlds that had 8 - 12 (sometimes 16) levels. I remember playing that game almost all the time. I remember carrying extra triple A batteries. I never beat it, but that was my membory of my first nintendo console, (even if it was a portable)


2007-10-29 16:43:51

mine was a nintendo 64, since then my parents dont talk to me anymore.


2007-10-30 22:46:06

Morning wood isn't a full erection. A full erection happens when you watch porn.

Morning wood, you can pee. With a full erection, it's impossible.


2007-11-10 09:52:59

sweet, and you can pee with an erection, i just did it when i got up.


2007-12-13 17:36:57

My favorite first system was my super nintendo, nothing beats those classics.


2007-12-17 17:40:32

Hey Randy, this sin't really about the GameBoy topic but I was wondering if u are going to make any more videos. Ur videos rule but i haven't seen a new one all year!


2007-12-18 22:28:58

When are you gonna submitt something new?


2007-12-22 15:15:44

Yo, Can U Send Me Those Dancing Mario Sprites? If U Can Plz Send Them TO I'll Make Sure To Thank YOu In THe Credits


2007-12-29 22:05:41

you are my hero


2008-01-05 01:12:47

I like your profile pic lol.
My first gameboy was a game boy color. I remember all I played on it was Mario Bros.


2008-01-08 21:01:43

mine- a game boy COLOR!!!! Wow!!!


2008-01-11 19:00:51

hey you are dont a idiot in really you are creative and a good sprite movie maker


2008-01-23 07:05:10

I remember my first gameboy... it was a GBA but unfortunatly it was the fuchia pink version xD. I can always remember that feeling of getting a new system everyone I got required alot from me but I always managed to get it in the end like my wii.


2008-02-18 19:55:48

mine was a super nintendo my sister gave hers to me and then she got a n64 that jerk


2008-02-20 16:01:21

just wanna say the rise fo mk rules!!!


2008-02-26 21:13:14

You make the funniest video games parodies. Sorry for saying this, but if you like classices get a game boy advanced or gba sp. Some of the classics are on the gba. And on there is the legend of zelda collecters edition disc with the original legend of zelda, zelda 2, ocarina of time, and majora's mask.


2008-03-02 09:17:04

woah ypu actully remembered this all those years


2008-03-04 15:14:48

oh man i remember when i had my game boy, supermarioland rocked


2008-03-05 11:43:37

Mi the PlayStationOne


2008-03-23 05:34:52

i just read the article and its awesome, i also remember when my parents take our nintendo 64 and we sneak to get the 64 and play it, and also we make guard to see if our parents come up, good old times, thanks for making remember these good times, see ya.


2008-04-25 11:58:08

I'm actually holding MY first Game Boy in my avatar. Nothing rocks like the good old Game Boy :-)

Randy-Solem responds:

gotta love that "only can play in the sunshine" green screen!


2008-04-26 07:17:42

your firts game boy, congratulations! mario vs sonic!


2008-04-26 15:05:51

What happened randy....
i remember that you where the sprite god before alvin took over the sprite world =/
you where the one that inspired me to start to make flash animations..
since i was 12 years old and i am now 16..
i hope to see one of your flashes soon :/......

oo ehhe and about the topic my first sistem was the nintendo 64 with mario kart and diddy kong racing..
and my first gameboy was the gameboy advance x)

c ya randy (one of your all time fans)

(Updated ) Randy-Solem responds:

Alvin, is the the DBZ mario guy I think right? So took over the sprite world with 40 of the same type Mario DBZ movies then got all emo and quit? I've only seen the first two, so sorry but at least I have variety. Don't worry I'll be back. I have other things to do in life then constantly make movies. As I said I have 3 projects in the works bud. But even if I never make another I quit while I was ahead right?


2008-04-27 18:30:18

My first video game console was an NES


2008-05-01 19:39:48

Mine was the Gameboy Lite, Or what ever it was called gameboy pocket, Got superman with it to lol I spent 2 days trying to beat that game, Gave up on it... well 4 years later I had continued my video game education, found it again and beat it with out even losing a life... lmao.