Mario Gets Lucky....Again

2007-09-06 08:29:54 by Randy-Solem

7 years ago I created and sumitted my very first movie to Newgrounds that started the rise of VGDC. I figured it was time for a remake/sequel.
Look for it soon.
Until then, here's the teaser: ge=mgl2titlefv0.swf&width=550


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2007-09-06 10:49:42

Really nice teaser Randy, I should start to come to VGDC more often, I miss you guys.

Well, I can't wait to see the full version man.


2007-09-09 18:37:05

cannt wait!!!


2007-09-10 10:34:08

i can't wait i'm soooo excited


2007-09-16 01:22:27

Dude u r fucken hiarious


2007-09-17 19:24:24

Hey randy! Hey Maybe I have tried to contact you before, Im making a video that's cazlled videoame polka, where some users are invited to give out a REAL picture of themselves in order to appear in a little sequence of mortal kkombat (it is a music video)..
So, if you wanna appear or somethig while youre not making yer funny flash please send me a picture!

P.S. you inspired me into flash making thanks!