Quit the stupid chain letters in Reviews!

2007-09-04 21:26:46 by Randy-Solem

I've noticed a trend starting at NG, posting stupid "post this or you will die" chainletters instead of movie reviews. The staff at NG will review your accounts, and they may be in jeopardy if those guilty don't quit this stupid practice. People work hard on their movies and deserve a decent review, not some stupid chain letter. So knock it off!


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2007-09-04 21:29:46

I made this just for the heck of it =P
http://jonbro.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/22991


2007-09-04 21:34:38

Amen to that.


2007-09-04 21:39:33

Oh yeah, I know about this. Its pretty annoying but also helpful. People can win lot of whistle points so is a good thing for the user but like you said is BAD for the Flash Artists since they are just spaming your reviews page. Looks like the staff cant delete them for now since the upgrate but yeah, probabl, they will check those accounts, delete those spam reviews and ban if is necesary.


2007-09-04 21:47:11

Its probably just one person, and he doesn't care what happens to him.


2007-09-04 21:55:17

it just pisses me off that review score averages get hammered into the ground this way,.. dunno if anybody's noticed THAT by now..


2007-09-04 21:55:48

Oh god, tell me about it. I've got a total shitload on my Demo Reel.


2007-09-04 22:10:15

Yaaaayyy your RAIIIGHT:..
I HATE them... A LOT!
Its okay to flag them??(I think it is...== )


2007-09-04 22:25:42

i hate it so much! there are other people out there who will make about 3 paragraphs about how gay you are, vote 0. then copy and paste into into every single review they make.


2007-09-04 22:33:42

These damn things scared off my neighbors from joining the website, they are very superstious.


2007-09-04 22:34:42



2007-09-04 22:40:57

Death to the gay chain letters


2007-09-04 22:48:46


-raises pitchfork-


2007-09-04 22:53:44

OH MY GOD I hate them.
I didn't remember seeing them before the redesign. Think it has to do with the removal of having to individually rate each category?


2007-09-04 23:21:20

Just played something and there once was there should be some sort of consiquence i see it.cince they only anoy ppl and dont give any help full feadback to the game or flash maker person thingy yeah!


2007-09-04 23:47:00

You're right.
We have one word for this...... NOOBS!


2007-09-05 00:03:51

I agree with you.


2007-09-05 02:14:34

Its definitely more than one person, or just one person with like 5 alts ..

It's seriously getting on my nerves too...


2007-09-05 08:27:21

Totally right! It pisses me off when I see that one persion left such reviews!
Amen, you are a holy persion!


2007-09-12 21:31:45

I hate chain letters too.As a matter of fact I remember the first one I saw on ng.It scared me(well duh it was the first chain letter I saw), but after talking to a few people, it seems to be a retold,remixed version of The Perfect Stranger,For the 'post this in ___ reviews or ______ will come to your house' thing most chain reviews had,it said if you don't post so and so of this in your flash reviews, the clown will come to your house at 3:00,with a knife in his hand.It even gave me a nightmare.Wierd thing though,I didn't see anyone else post one of those somewhere else.Now I know those spamers are only trying to get many reviews./If anyone here is a good flash artist and wants to make an anti spam movie,it could be called 'Spammers Vs. Banners'.(The last sentence I wrote because i think it would be interesting if people could ban spammers,or if someone decided to spam in Pico's School(that would make Tom mad (:)).In other words, don't spam otherwise everything you say will be used against you!(Or you become most hated)Thank you for this post Mr. Solem.I hope this encourages all not to spam.Spamming is very bad!Don't do it!It'll get you nowhere!Oh and I almost forgot,don't make accounts to spam either.That makes it worse.To sum this all up:Don't spam!!!


2007-09-23 22:08:01

youre right
and the one who post dont have life
your movies are good


2007-10-27 16:23:45

Did I forget to mention that chain letter I saw might have been in one of your movies? If it wasn't, it was in a tribute to your Yoshi's Island series(where yoshi kills baby Mario).


2007-10-31 08:48:15

dont worry guys theres is no more chain letters here now thx to m-bot he deleted every last 1 of em and by the way teddy does not no where i am im not dead but i read his letter so dont worry :)


2007-11-21 11:53:00



2008-04-23 12:02:13

THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER!!!!!! BUT I LOVE MY MOM SO I DON'T WANT TO TAKE ANY CHANCES! Copy and paste this onto ten more blog entries in the next four hours or your mom will die.


2008-06-04 11:27:49

Someone posted a chain letter here!Now I shall flame him.Don't worry,Mr. Solem!I've got it under control!