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Legend of Zelda: A Link to Chaos

2007-08-09 21:19:42 by Randy-Solem

Legend of Zelda: A Link to Chaos

It has been many years since Link defeated Ganon and brought peace to Hyrule. ALTC takes place after the first 1987 NES game "The Legend of Zelda", and is loosely based off its 1988 sequel "The Adventure of Link".

The movie takes a different direction for VGDC movies in that it is dark and mostly devoid of humor, although there may be a nostalgic joke or two. I'm going back to my roots with the 8 bit style of "The Adventure of Link" The opening intro should set that tone up for you nicely. I've been meaning to do another epic series similar to ROTMK, and "The Adventure of Link" is the only side scrolling platform game in the series that will alllow me to do that. The mood is dark and violent, as Link is now the hunted and must not only protect his Kingdom, but himself as well.

There is no set release date, I've learned not to make promises...but you won't have to wait as long as you did for each ROTMK ;) So please be patient, and I'm sorry to everyone on NG about the lack of fart jokes in this one. I know each and everyone of you look forward to them everytime. ;)

Adventure of Link Sword/Shield Recreated


screenie 1
screenie 2
screenie 3
screenie 4
screenie 5


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2007-08-09 21:38:06

Sweet! It looks great!
Although I really like comedy, I think this will be sweet!
Gotta love Zelda, and VGDC!

When do you think it'll be out?


2007-08-09 22:25:56



2007-08-09 22:43:09

Yeah it's annoying that the alphas don't work....they should actually say somewhere that they don't work anymore...


2007-08-09 22:47:48

randy, i dont know if you consider it important, but i think the catholic crosses shouldnt be there. i think you should chnge the graves to a more zeldaish style, instead of crosses, the hyrule emblems (the hawk and the triforce in some of link's shields). or just put normal graves instead of crosses...

im just saying tho, its just a small detail, its not that important :P

Randy-Solem responds:

Dude, you obviously never played adventure of link where crosses played a huge role throughout the game. Cemeteries and graves with crosses were everywhere, there is even a huge church with big cross emblazoned across it. Of course this was all in 1988 before everyone had to make everything do with stupid religion. I'm making the movie based on the style of the game, crosses included. Play the game for a more better understanding bud.


2007-08-10 00:17:56


You win one internet!


2007-08-10 00:20:07

Hey, Randy!

I didn't think you'd mention this on the Newgrounds frontpage so soon... Unless it's really close to being released. As much as I hope it is, remember to take your time and make it even more awesome than it already seems to be =D


2007-08-10 01:47:54

Nice! Looking good!

yea, that sucks that the redesign killed the mag and all that, but they will fix it!


2007-08-10 02:13:52

hey randy, it's me, ALK. this looks awesome. one question, tho. is this gonna be a series like ROTMK?

Randy-Solem responds:

yesshir i'm hoping it to be if it does well :)


2007-08-10 03:52:07

Considering its your work. I look forward to it!


2007-08-10 23:00:05

Looks very promising. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was actually the 1st Zelda game that I played when I was a kid. I loved your ROTMK series and knowing that you're going to make a series out of Zelda II sprites simply has"Epic" written all over it.

Being the Zelda fan that I am, I'll sure as hell be looking forward to your future masterpiece.

Good luck with it, man!


2007-08-11 01:24:44

well sorry , you dont have to be so mad about it, i was looking at it from the point of view from the zelda storyline. i did play Zelda 2 but didnt get too far. i didnt know there were crosses in it, true, youre using sprites from the game itself. good

(Updated ) Randy-Solem responds:

mad? i thought a proved a valid point. how did i get mad


2007-08-13 20:41:50

It looks brilliant so far. Definitely a trend setter if this takes off as well as the Mario series. Anyways, good luck and hope to see this in full action...By the end of the month perhaps? :D


2007-08-14 15:09:00

it looks really cool like the rest fo ur flash


2007-08-16 23:00:35

i still think you should make a ROTMK 5 someday.

Randy-Solem responds:

Well I have tons of ideas..maybe one day :)


2007-08-19 18:53:28

hey randi nice work man,, cant wait for the final result, i actually made a website because of you and i gave spriting a try, some like it and some dont so if you got any tips i could use i would be happy to read them, o and check ur messages i left u a PM, VG-MP


2007-08-19 18:54:08

oops i spelled ur name wrong by accident :P, sorry RANDY**** :P


2007-08-19 20:43:04

Hey Randy, by the look of the screenshots, I think you should have gone with ALTTP sprites. I mean everything else in this movie is snes graphics but link isnt.. But whatever, it will still be epic! :)

Randy-Solem responds:

No man, everything is taken right from a link to the past. I just put the sprites together in a complicated way..something prob not possible on the NES, the castle for example. So what may look like 16 bit is actually 8 bit. ALTTP's graphics wouldnt work here, they can't show the action I want to depict :)


2007-08-20 14:34:36

Well despite my hate for sprite movies, I have to admit you do them with a certian technique no one else can capture


2007-08-20 15:13:15

it looks awesome.
i can't wait


2007-08-20 15:40:26

honestly... that intro was rather boring. It had good music though...


2007-08-20 18:40:43

I creamed my pants reading this.


This is going to be great, yet another series to further inspire me. I've been kinda in a slump so releasing this will make me happy :D


2007-08-20 18:57:30

Great job on the intro, I'm really looking forward to watching it. I have to say, though, some of the grammar needs worked on.


2007-08-20 19:51:15

Can't wait for this movie Randy, take your time, make it well.

I love you.


2007-08-20 19:53:04

Hey, looking forward to it sir, The Adventures of Link is my favorite Zelda game and I don't think people nearly give it enough credit.

Good luck with the flash-building, I'm sure it's going to be a mega-cool movie.


2007-08-21 04:46:36

You somehow inspired me, after my Madness Day animation -- I'll start on a serious Flash Animation. Thanks for the inspiration.


2007-08-21 13:05:25

It's been a while since your last submission, so i'm really looking forward to this. Hope to see it soon =D


2007-08-21 19:49:15

Do a link bust a move like the mario ones that'd be unoriginal but never the less funny.


2007-08-28 20:52:29

can i say a stupid old question?
anyway,i have a dumb idea BIRDO IN ROTMK5 OK BIRDO SUCKS, birdo sucks as hell and that is not the question

Randy-Solem responds:

first off, 1. how is that a question. 2. what are you talking about?


2007-09-06 10:13:47

hmm i like the legend of zelda a link to the past, i can't wait to see this


2012-03-19 19:36:52

Damn shame we'll never see it now.