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sad so sad

Are you his cousin? Or how'd you get here? XD Anyways, he was a great inspiration for me like many others, I was really shocked to hear the news

Randy's loss is one I'm going to be thinking about for a long time...

I never liked his stuff.

May he rest in peace.

I honestly don't know why he turned his back on all his work. No matter what people think about your flashes, you need to always stay proud of them. Sure, people parodied the hell out fo "Skittlez and Bitz" But everyone knows the internet is full of trolls, some of which are animators and artists.

He still loved animating, just between working a lot more and then starting a family, he didn't have the time for it. He was planning a comeback though :(

I really thank who ever on Randy's account accepted my co-author request for my VGDC yoshi's fuzzies movie. I am very honored, and my deepest love goes out to his family. Alias I am currently a poor student so I will not be able to donate any money at this time, but surely if I ever go own to do big things, Randy's family will always be remembered~


truly an epic man and a big reason why i animate r.i.p


No one seems to have posted how he died, so I assume it was something dumb like getting hit by a truck while stumbling home drunk.

The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom was one of those flashes that will remain in the hearts of the people of Newgrounds, forever.

Just as the memory of Randy Solem will forever be engraved in our hearts as well...

May he Rest In Peace.

(And fightermarth, aren't you thinking of MajinPiccolo with "Skittlez and Bitz"?)

Newgrounds has lost a legend. :-(

It really sucks that he's gone considering that he was about to make a comeback.

I haven't come on Newgrounds in ages. I just happened to log in today as a fluke, but I can't believe I logged in to hear about this tragedy... This man was essentially my childhood. I can't count how many times I've watched his movies, and there was a solid year in my life when i checked VGDC every day hoping there'd be a new video waiting. He was truly a legend and I'm terribly sorry for your loss. His work will always be a part of me.

... :C
Agree with JohnBro&KingDavid

Once I'm not a broke-ass college student, expect a good donation. Randy was a legend and an inspiration to me especially. When I trace back to why I'm currently learning Art/Animation in college, it's because of Randy.

I'm sorry to the Solem family for your loss. Rest in peace Randy~

Enactjudo - He died from heart failure.

What kind of heart failure? Genetic or drug abuse?

Genetic. All I know is he always had blood pressure issues, I'm only his nephew, I wouldn't know the specifics of his health beyond that.

I saw a lot of his work as a kid and was blown away. Rest in peace.

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